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A Woman Who Defines Beauty With Strength and Courage

Posted in: Blog by amy on April 9, 2017

Penny and meLately, I’ve been feeling increasingly proud to be a woman. I have a couple of close friends who are in the midst of epic battles, and I stand by their sides with support and admiration. One of these women just asked me if I think people pity her. Pity is a word that never even attempted to enter my mind. The only word that occupies my mind when I think of her has always been inspiration.

My friend Penny Fisher is a woman who epitomizes strength, courage and absolute beauty. After surviving a three-month coma, she had part of her left leg amputated, her right foot amputated and seven of her fingers, as well. Yet, when you see her, you may not even be aware of her physical loss and challenge. You would likely be struck instead by her presence. She emanates joy. She is fun. She is beautiful. She is smart. She is inspiring.

She also has an ability to see non-traditional beauty in others. Recently, I took her to an appointment with her prosthetist. As we waited to see the doctor, she pointed out the poster on the wall. It was an image of Melissa Stockwell, an amputee who was the first female officer to lose a limb in the Iraq war. Penny told me Stockwell’s story and how she has since become a Paralympian. As we both looked at the poster of this strong, brave woman, Penny said, “This may sound strange, but I find her even more beautiful without her leg.”

It didn’t sound strange at all. I completely understood as I’ve felt the same way when I look at Penny. It is the way in which some people face challenges and incessant pain with such dignity and grace that lifts them to an even higher level of true beauty. The beauty also comes from the lack of perfection, the realness, the struggle and the triumph. And, of course, the ability to laugh at oneself adds to that beauty, as well.


Penny definitely has that necessary sense of humor. We were shopping the other day when she said, “Wait, my finger just fell off.” As we began to look for it, we both laughed as we recognized the craziness of that statement.

Penny is a truly radiant person who inspires so many of us simply with her smile. While she has always been recognized throughout her life for her glamorous good looks, there are a select few who are fortunate enough to see and know her true beauty … the important beauty … that beauty from within that stems from strength, power, courage, laughter and love. That is the kind of beauty that should inspire us all.


“Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart.” – Kahil Gibran


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