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“The Man Who Told Everything”

Posted in: Blog by admin on February 24, 2011

It was one of those mornings in which getting out of bed was more challenging than usual.  My head was heavy — the culmination of a lingering cold and a mind-racing night of thoughts — and I was just dragging.  This continual white sky that greeted me as I looked out the cold window wasn’t helpful either.

I fed the kids, made lunches, drove to school and then was alone with my tired thoughts and the surrounding snow.   With no kids in the car, I quickly turned off B96 and switched to the music from my iPod.  A song from the Doves was playing.  It’s called “The Man Who Told Everything,” and it moved me immediately and immensely today.  It has moved me on many other occasions, as well.  It enabled me to feel the blood flow through my body as I awakened and remembered.  I remembered how much I feel.  I remembered how much sadness there is in the world.  I remembered the news I listened to early this morning, of hundreds killed and missing in a New Zealand earthquake, of rising conflict in Libya, of yet another approaching snowstorm.

The tears began to rise to the rims of my eyes, yet I breathed deeply and felt grateful.  I have to say, it was the song that made me smile.  It was the song that made me feel alive.  It was the song that made me feel at all.  There is so much good going on in my little world.  Even with all of the surrounding pain and sadness, I know that these moments of health and beauty must be savored and enjoyed.

I don’t know what it is about this particular song that makes my whole body stand on high alert.  I don’t even quite know what the lyrics mean or what the song is about.  The words resonated with me easily, “Get out of bed … come out and sing …”  Thereafter, what is it about? Who is the man who told everything? And what were his consequences?  I normally am most moved by a song’s lyrics.  I love words.  I love stories.  I love poems.

But, as I listened to this song, the words floated around me and even over me.  It was the actual music that penetrated my soul and made me think.  I sat in my garage with my eyes closed just singing as I was blanketed by the tunes.  And, then I knew what I needed to do.  I needed to allow myself these moments.  I needed to make these moments happen.  What is it that moves you?  Is it a song? Music?  Driving? Jogging?  Reading?  Do any of us take enough time to let ourselves go there enough?  To float into the arms of its comforting presence?

I went home and pulled up the video for the song.  It was even sadder than the song itself.  It was full of volatile love and desire and pain and conflict and never-ending passion.  The video helped me to tap into the clashing feelings that were keeping me awake last night.  And the music helped me to remember the things in life about which I ooze passion.

I love music so much.  It moves me in a way that can hardly be articulated.  Yet, it is not a constant presence in my home.  And the impact of the song on my mood and spirit on this Thursday morning reminds me of so much.  It reminds me how much we need to do the things we love.  How we need to hold on tightly to all that we love.  How we need to hear the news and feel grateful for where we are at in this moment.  We need to feel.  We need to cry.  We need to laugh.  We need to “get out of bed, come out and sing, blue skies ahead.”

We need to listen to music — loudly and often.

Here is a link to the song if you would like to listen, breathe deeply and maybe even incite, ignite and instigate your own passions.

“The Man Who Told Everything”

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2 Responses to ““The Man Who Told Everything””

  1. joey says:

    That Eminem song where Brianna sings about the pain of abuse get’s me every time cuz she had the balls to admit she was more than a victim but an enabler.
    She is also super hot so she can get me anytime!

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