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“Fantasy’s Fuse” — a poem, by Amy Kite

Posted in: Blog by admin on October 13, 2010

Eyes closed, fantasy unfolds
There in the dark, accelerating heart
It’s an art
Not to reveal, what is real
Whizzing by, on the fly
Grab it quick (just try), impossible to deny
What you feel, image so surreal
Yet real
Love to feel, oozing confusion
All a delusion
Fantasy fusing, reality amusing
(Humor lies in reality’s shadows)
So fast, right there, then gone
Into abyss, turned wrong
Knew all along
Still beholds, tiptoes on thresholds
Banish burning desire, too close to fire
Passion trying to erupt, even though abrupt
Lover said no
Can’t let go
Stay in dark, alone with full heart
Fantasy sheds light
So bright
So right
Favorite time of day
Is night

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