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The People Who Show Up For You

Posted in: Blog by amy on February 18, 2020

This past December, I threw a little last-minute birthday party for myself. With such short notice, I knew that some of my closest friends had plans but would try to stop by to celebrate. The week before, I was talking to one of my best friends (who happens to be an occasional emcee with special energy) and I said, “You HAVE to be there.” He stopped me, pointed out that I’ve told him that several times and said, “Amy, the people who should show up for you will show up for you.” With that, I let it all go. All of my expectations, all of my thoughts about who would make it, all of my attempts to control. It was going to be what it would be. I hired a deejay and was ready to dance alone if necessary! IMG_2582

The night ended up being a blast. The attendees included some family members, a couple of close friends and then many not-so-close friends who simply and wonderfully just showed up for me. IMG_2592Those people who I had not relied on or expected that night were the ones who kept dancing, who stayed until the end, who made the night extra fun. It’s especially meaningful when the people who have no obligations to be there for you do show up for you. 

Again, I experienced this with the recent release of my newest children’s book. It was not my best friend who was one of the first purchasers but rather it was a handful of unanticipated supporters. It really is heart-warming when those people support and surprise you. Of course, I don’t take my fiercely loyal family members for granted, nor do I dismiss the generosity, support and advice that my dearest friends have blanketed me with for years. But, when my opponent from Words with Friends (who I have been sparring with for eight years and have never even met) is one of the first purchasers of “Goodbye, Gus,” it’s an experience in true humility and gratitude.  

IMG_1101Similarly, I practice what I preach. When someone I knew started a cookie business, I immediately sent a batch to my son in college. When friends in my community opened a coffee house, I went right in there and shared the news on social media. And, when a sweet woman (who I once met for a cup of tea) released her first book, I instinctively ordered a copy and told her I’d be at an upcoming signing. I wanted to show up for these entrepreneurs, dreamers, writers and believers. My small exhibit of support hopefully made them feel the way I felt when my sons’s best friend’s mom came dancing through my entryway on my birthday … when my cyber friend bought my book … when an old college buddy bought five copies to donate. 

We need to support each other. Even if we don’t like cookies. Even if we don’t know anyone who needs a children’s book about the loss of a pet. Even if we have plans. We need to show up for one another … just for a few minutes, for a book signing, for a hug, for a quick word of congratulations. A small gesture can encourage and reassure another more than you can imagine. 

Show up, pay attention to who shows up for you and thrive off of all the good energy that shoots off in so many directions. 


“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”  ― Rumi

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