Divorce: What About Me?

“Divorce: What About Me?” is a comforting, rhyming tale accompanied by colorful graphic illustrations, targeted towards children ages three to nine. The book reminds kids that much will stay the same in their lives, even as they are part of this great change. It also aims to comfort children and help them to sort out the various emotions they may feel when mom and dad decide to separate. This colorful, coil-bound book is the kind of book that mom and dad can read to their children over and over again as it provides reassurance and comfort to the whole family.



Divorce: What About Me? is sweet and gentle as it addresses the hurt and confusion that accompanies divorce in any family. Due to the many enormous changes children experience when their family unit is divided, it is critical that they are assured that they are still loved. Equally important is for every child to know that even though they are not with one of their parents that they are thought about and missed nonetheless. This story underscores both important issues beautifully.”

Suzy Yehl Marta, founder and president of RAINBOWS for All Children — “guiding kids through life’s storms.”  www.rainbows.org


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