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Chicago Tribune Article about Goodbye Gus


Book signing for “Goodbye, Gus” at Taco Vida — 469 Lake Cook Rd., Deerfield

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

4 pm – 6 pm




Painter Mark Narens and Poet Amy Lee Kite (two Chicago-area creatives) collaborate — the result is a series of paintings in which Narens interprets Kite’s words through his art. There are 10 pieces in this collection. In addition to the original paintings, there are limited-edition prints available for $375. See some of the available prints below. For the full series, stay tuned for more upcoming events or schedule an appointment to visit Naren’s Chicago studio. To place an order, schedule a studio visit or get more information, please email Suzann at:








The Mom’s Choice Awards® has named “Cancer, Cancer Go Away!” among the best in family-friendly media, products and services.

Jennifer See, MA, NCC, LPC reviews the book “Cancer, Cancer Go Away” …

“Kite’s book tackles the unimaginable – the subject of childhood cancer, illness, and death- and delivers it in a delicate, gentle and positive manner. Even the youngest of readers will feel hopeful after reading this book. This is a must-have on the bookshelf for any family that has been touched by cancer or other terminal illnesses. As a counselor for at-risk youth in San Antonio, I will keep extra copies of this book in my office to distribute to my young clients dealing with grief or loss, and I highly encourage other counselors and therapists to do the same.”

NBC Chicago’s Marion Brooks Interviews Amy Kite on The Talk

Amy discussed her children’s book, “Divorce: What About Me?”  This timeless book is striking a chord with parents, children, therapists, mediators and divorce attorneys. Learn more about the author, her purpose for writing the book and what’s next.


“Amy Kite’s poetry reminds me of me: of my worries, my cares, my base and building blocks, my self esteem, my internal dialogue, my healed self, my smoothed-over bruises. Her poems bring me to points on my path, while telling me more about hers. They feel real, raw, and at once of both now and yesterday”
— Phil Handler, CBS Radio News Editor and Writer, San Francisco

“A collection full of intense emotion delivered in short, punchy lines whose bite may at first seem softened through rhymes and Kite’s easy, conversational tone. But watch out, behind Kite’s verses is raw feeling, the sort that keeps many a woman up at night, trapped in thought, long after love and loss have come and gone.”
— Lorraine Sanders, Fashion Writer, San Francisco

“Kite’s poetry is gritty and raw, and touches anyone who has experienced the ups and downs of love and relationships. Her haunting, lyrical words illustrate the courage it takes to make hard decisions, the power of starting over and leave the reader feeling both heartbroken and hopeful.”
— Jennifer L. See, Freelance Writer and Blogger

“There’s a fine line between passion and pain but Amy Kite’s poetry creates a silken thread to travel effortlessly between the two.”
— Jason Glassman, Screenwriter, English Teacher, Middle College HIgh School

Reactions to Amy’s blog:

This is your best work yet. You are so insightful. I only wish that the entire world could read this. – Susan Munic

Very good Amy! Thanks for the food for thought! You are a wonderful writer! – Karyn Bravo

Always thought provoking and intuitive! Keep writing, Amy! – Tracie Kugler

Great to read another post of yours. They are always so inspiring, and this one is serving to wake me up as well. – Rachel Switall

Once again, thank you for your sharing your thoughts. Beautifully written and full of insight. You are wise and thoughtful, and I’ll read anything you write! – Stacy Litow

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